OT Cyberchallenges
02-11, 15:00–16:00 (Europe/Amsterdam), Leonardo Da Vinci

Meet Acme, a wonderful company where nice people make beautiful things... and then management and sales want nice statistics.

Acme is a company like many others. They have been making beautiful things in their factory and workshops for years, but the recent modernization drive also appears to have another side...

What is OT and why is it so special? Join us for a short journey through the wonderful world of industrial automation and the challenges we encountered in our daily engineering lives.




Nerd, hacker, Angrynerds Podcast.
During the day I get paid to work on OT things (think PLC and SCADA, but also the environment where these are used). In my spare time I do mostly other nerdy things. If I found something cool, I really like to share my findings with others and I love hearing what they have discovered in return.
Every Thursday evening there is the Angrynerds Podcast (in Dutch) where you can regularly find me.