Nerd, hacker, Angrynerds Podcast.
During the day I get paid to work on OT things (think PLC and SCADA, but also the environment where these are used). In my spare time I do mostly other nerdy things. If I found something cool, I really like to share my findings with others and I love hearing what they have discovered in return.
Every Thursday evening there is the Angrynerds Podcast (in Dutch) where you can regularly find me.

  • OT Cyberchallenges
Alwin Warringa
  • Verdachte van cybercrime, stick to the basics (NL)
Arjen Halma

Nerd, it in hart in nieren. Security minded

  • Energie-Hacken: Dynamische Zelfopslag en Power-Tech
Astrid Oosenbrug

Astrid Oosenbrug started as sysadmin 20+ years ago, but has mostly been politically active since, as Member of Parliament (2012-2017), Public Affairs and Social Responsibility Officer at and in numerous NGO's. She was critical of the invasion of privacy by new investigative legislation and has championed the introduction of Responsible Disclosure Policy within the Dutch government, she is co-founder of (Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure) and co-founder of, where she is foster parent to many young hackers.

  • Empowering Cybersecurity Excellence: Unveiling the DIVD Academy Journey


  • Crypterella Stories: Fortigate
  • MCH2025 badgeteam meetup

Bart is a spontaneous problem solver who enjoys tinkering, building, and breaking things. His native habitat is around Hackerspace.Gent (Belgium) but is known to roam around Europe regularly by train between conferences, camps and hackerspaces. Bart enjoys upcycling and repairing items as well as building things with old and new electronics, pallets, or pieces of code. His hobbies include diving, interrail travel, volunteering and meeting new people.

  • UV Tape art
Ben Brücker

Ben Brücker brings a decade of experience to his roles as a Security Specialist and the Red Teaming Manager at Secura. His expertise in the field of cybersecurity is underscored by a wide-ranging interest in social engineering, penetration testing, and initial access techniques. At Secura, he integrates these specialties to enhance the company's Red Teaming services.

Beyond his primary responsibilities, Ben is involved in sharing his knowledge and experiences. He serves as a trainer for various courses, including Secure Programming, Mobile Security, and Threat Modeling, helping others in the field to grow and learn. Driven by a sense of gratitude to the infosec community, Ben actively engages in open sourcing tools and presenting at industry conferences, aiming to contribute constructively to the broader cybersecurity landscape.

  • Mastering Red Teaming in Critical Infrastructure
Brenno de Winter
  • Workshop OpenKAT
  • Cyberonderzoeksraad: Computer says no, the law says yes
  • A feline approach to NIS2
Chantal Stekelenburg

Chantal Stekelenburg is Head of Researchers at Zerocopter. She takes care of one of the most important aspects of Zerocopter's services: our community of researchers. Her focus lies on supporting and coaching our current researcher community as well as nurturing the growth of our researcher community as the customer base grows. As a co-founder and organizer of WICCA (Women in Cybersecurity Community Association), she is also involved in bringing infosec ladies and (female) security enthusiasts together to learn about exploits, hacking, incident response, forensics, the low-level stuff, hardware hacking, and especially making bad crypto jokes! Her main goal is to build a community of badass women in the Netherlands and hopefully inspire future generations to join keyboards and get the hacking started!

Twitter: @MiFare_lady

  • Ally talk
Chris van 't Hof

Chris van 't Hof is an independent researcher, writer and presenter in cybersecurity and Managing Director at DIVD, the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure where we scan the whole internet for vulnerabilities and report them for free. He also plays drums.

  • A black hat in our white hat collective... a lesson in (incident response|human trust|pr|.*)
  • Workshop firebreathing
  • Pubquiz!
  • Threat Modeling for Privacy and against Stalkers
Dave Borghuis aka zeno4ever

Started with the Commodore 64 and Amiga and started a copyclub in my hometown Oldenzaal. Fast forward to 2021 when I got reintroduced to the demoscene Outline demoparty and helped to get the demoscene on the Dutch list of immaterial herratige (Immaterieel erfgoed).

Also know for :
- Orginiser of MCH2022 Byte Jam (TIC-80)
- Founder hackerspace TkkrLab Enschede
- Orginiser HackFest Enschede 28 & 29 September 2023
- Volunteer on dutch hacker events such as HIP1997, HAL2001(retrovillage), OHM2013 (teamlead sound&light), SHA2017, MCH2022
- Wifi tracking complaint against the municipality Enschede

  • Intro Demoscene and workshop TIC80
David van Elburg
  • Opening Hackerhotel 2024
  • Closing Hackerhotel 2024
  • OT Cyberchallenges
Elger "Stitch" Jonker
  • Basisbeveiliging / Internet Cleanup Foundation - State of the map
  • Geschiedenis van Mediapiraterij in Nederland: onvoorstelbaar groot
Erik Heskes

Security Consultant with a technical background. Handled security topics like: SIEM/SOC, Purple teaming, pentesting and compliance. Mostly within financial institutions.
Next to my dayjob as a consultant I am also a musician and I like to ride my motorcycle from time to time.
Certifications: SOC CMM, CCSK, Splunk, AWS, Azure certified, CEH, CISSP, FCNSP, VCP, CCNP, MCSE

  • Malware analysis 101
  • Ransomware never really left
Field of View
  • How to (try to) rebuild your hackerspace after a disaster
Frank Breedijk

Balloon folding clown, fire breathing amateure, CISO at Schuberg Philis, Ciris manager at DIVD, author of Seccubus, starting bee keeper.

  • A black hat in our white hat collective... a lesson in (incident response|human trust|pr|.*)
  • Balloon folding (for kids and adults)
  • Workshop firebreathing

Marcel van der Velde is hacker en security researcher bij de rijksoverheid. Zijn onderzoekswerk focust zich op het snijvlak tussen mens en techniek. Daarnaast heeft hij voor Security Academy in Woerden de cursus Social Engineering ontwikkeld en staat hij daar regelmatig voor de klas. In zijn vrije tijd werkt Marcel aan verschillende journalistieke projecten waaronder de Angrynerds Podcast, een talkshow over privacy en security.

  • Hacking influence
Jan-Willem Markus

Jan-Willem is fascinated by electronics, mechanical and embedded security.
He tests hardware security as an security analyst at Riscure.
Breaking secure chips with lasers, so the designers can make them even better.

In the off hours, Jan-Willem is Secretary of The Open Organisation of Lockpickers (
A group of lockpickers with weekly meetings, and the LockCon conference.

  • Lockpicking workshop by Toool
  • Opening electronic safe locks with ketchup and lasers
  • Lockpicking workshop by Toool
  • Safe cracking workshop
Jasper Dijkgraaf
  • Unmasking the Bullshit in Cybersecurity
Jasper Weijman

Jasper Weijman is security specialist and his company realizes physical and electronic security measures for protection of critical infrastructure, like data centers and electricity networks.
His talk bridges the gap between physical security and cyber security.
Jasper loves SIGINT, waterfalls, radio protocols and drones (PA3UAV).

  • Where physical security meets cyber security.
Jenny List

Jenny List is an electronic engineer and technical journalist, writing mostly as a contributing editor for

  • Reinventing the Single 8 home movie format
Jeroen Baten

Jeroen Baten is IT consultant en specialiseert zich in Linux en open source
software. Met name complexe technische en beleidsvraagstukken hebben zijn warme
belangstelling. Na 10 jaar van zeer intensief leven werd hij in 2017
geconfronteerd met een burn-out. Na zijn herstel deelt hij graag de door hem
geleerde levenslessen om anderen te behoeden voor vergelijkbare problemen.
Jeroen is soms actief als JeroenBaten op Mastodon en Kwootman op X, maar
eigenlijk probeert hij social media zoveel mogelijk te vermijden. Zijn
professionele carrière is te vinden op LinkedIn, waar hij soms ook berichten
plaatst over relevante onderwerpen uit zijn vakgebied. Zijn persoonlijke blog
is te vinden op Als hobby leest hij graag,
verzamelt hij AS/400 systemen en speelt hij graag met synthesizers en

  • Het nieuwste computervirus heet burn-out en alleen gemotiveerde mensen kunnen het krijgen

Jos Weyers (@josweyers) is a world-record holder in the field of lock impressioning and a mainstay participant at LockSport events around the world. Jos is the President of, a key figure at the Hack42 hackerspace in Arnhem, and the director of hackerspacevastgoedBV. He was the mastermind behind the initiative.
Featured in the New York Times and Quest.
Voted #2 in the category “Hackers and Security” of the Nerd101-list of VrijNederland June 2015
He’s also devilishly handsome.

  • Cyberonderzoeksraad: Computer says no, the law says yes
  • AMA "Locksport; A Hacker’s Guide to Lockpicking, Impressioning, and Safe Cracking"
Koen de Jonge (SynQ
  • NGI Fediversity - hands on using the Fediverse on your phone, tablet and computer
  • Malware analysis 101
Lisette Meij
  • WOOt does the government do?
Lord BugBlue

Werkt voor en tegen de overheid.

  • WOOt does the government do?
  • Message from Kharkiv, Ukraine
Lord egeltje

Hedgehogs, security, ICS/SCADA, energy grids, trains, stroopwafels, In Cervisia Veritas (coin 125), ISO3103 compliant, maker, electronics instructor at FabAcademy and no Oxford comma.
Life motto: don't be a dick.

  • Everything you always wanted to know about cryptography but were afraid to ask

Maja is a curious and ambitious human who enjoys working on complex systems and shows strong perseverance in understanding how things actually work. She has a master’s degree in Biochemistry and has been working in IT (focus on security, privacy and cryptography) for the last couple of years.

  • WOOt does the government do?
Max van der Horst

CSIRT member and CNA administrator at the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure.

DIVD investigations:
Co-speaker Ralph Horn:

  • Ethical Mass-Exploitation 101: Theory and Practice
melvin boers

I am a penetration tester working for CyberSeals, in my spare time I love to dive into malware, reverse engineering or exploit development. I am studying for OSED at the moment.

  • Malware analysis 101

Co-Founder of Hackerspace Pixelbar. My keywords; Geek, Security Research, Motorbikes, (E)-Privacy, Electronics, Hackerspaces, Licensed HAM-Operator, OSINT, (IT)Security And has way to much hobbies.

  • How to (try to) rebuild your hackerspace after a disaster

I was born at a very young age. I'm a tinkerer and a maker, who loves making stuff into other stuff. I'm also a founder of hackerspace Hack42 in Arnhem. And you can always feel free to ask me about Ubuntu Touch or my cats!

  • Cyberpunk Notebooks
  • Magic Gemstone Jewelry
  • Personal wax seal stamp
Nancy Beers

Dimi's Angels

  • Top secret surprise
  • Sketchnoting for absolute n00bs
  • Ally talk
Nico Dekens

Nico “Dutch_Osintguy” Dekens is an All Source Analyst specializing in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), online Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Online investigations.

Nico Eats, Sleeps, and lives everything which has to do with OSINT, online investigations, Intelligence gathering and Analysis.

Nico is an international lecturer at Fortune 500 companies and governments. He has over 20 years experience as an (all source) Intelligence Analyst at Dutch Law Enforcement. He analyzed murder cases, international narcotics cases, stolen art cases, gang violence cases, political disturbance cases, online jihadist groups & conducted several online, covert, virtual HUMINT investigations.

Nico has worked as Senior Project Manager at Bellingcat, an international independent investigative research collective.

Online Nico is known as Dutch_OsintGuy and very active within the OSINT community. He is a Co-founder of the OSINTcurious project. Also he is a Sans Institute instructor for the SEC497: Practical Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) course. Nico is the lead-author & instructor of the SANS SEC587 Advanced Open-Source Intelligence Gathering & Analysis course

Currently Nico is working as Director of Intelligence & Collection Innovation at ShadowDragon.

  • OSINT - How AI fuels disinformation
  • Message from Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • Counting the votes, a quest to create new software for the Dutch elections
O.J Doppelkorn

Father of 5.
Does something in law

  • To become an osint "Charlatan" (workshop)
Oscar Koeroo

Oscar Koeroo is the CISO for the ministry of health, welfare and sport in the Netherlands. He is also a core member of the QvC-Rijk program (Quantumveilige Cryptografie Rijk) of the central Dutch government. Oscar works for 20+ years in cyber security, and worked previously at Nikhef (national institute for sub-atomic physics) and KPN (large telecom company).

  • Crytocalypse Now! And why the Dutch government is investing so much in Post Quantum Crypto already.
  • How to (try to) rebuild your hackerspace after a disaster
  • AV workshop
Ronald Kingma

Ronald Kingma started his career at the ING bank; first as a network engineer and later as a security architect for the online banking environment. In 2007 he founded ISSX (later SecureLabs, part of the SecureLink group). ISSX specialized in ethical hacking and vulnerability management. In July 2016, Ronald said goodbye to SecureLabs and founded Access42 together with Jeffrey Jansen. This places the focus on cybersecurity as an independent player at the interface between people, organization and technology. Ronald has the knowledge and skills to make a difference in cybersecurity through his organizational and technical knowledge.

  • CTF: Tackling Hybrid Threats in Network, Cloud, Identity, and SaaS
  • Unmasking the Bullshit in Cybersecurity
Rudi Jager

Security Engineer

  • CTF: Tackling Hybrid Threats in Network, Cloud, Identity, and SaaS
  • Plucking the low hanging fruit of data and security breaches. How to be rewarded even if there's no bug bounty program

Frank is a hacker and developer who discovered his passion for computers and programming at a young age. At just 8 years old, he received his first computer and began exploring the world of programming. His fascination with viruses grew quickly, and he became adept at writing code that could infiltrate systems.

By the age of 12, Frank had already hacked into his first bank, an experience that taught him about the power of knowledge and the responsibilities that come with it. After completing high school, he landed his first job as a programmer but couldn't resist the temptation to hack into the company's systems. However, instead of facing consequences, he was given the task of securing the company's infrastructure.

Now, Frank dedicates his time to securing businesses and teaching others about information security. His mission is to protect the world from malicious actors and ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of IT infrastructure and proprietary information.

Over the years, Frank has worked on various projects involving blockchain, neural networks, enterprise architecture, and different programming languages such as C#, Java, Python, Go, Rust, and JavaScript. He has also gained extensive experience with operating systems like Linux, Mac, and Windows, as well as a multitude of frameworks.

For the past five years, Frank has worked as a freelancer, regularly moving between clients to gain a deep understanding of IT architecture and its vulnerabilities. As a red-teamer, he has honed his skills in digital and physical penetration testing, recognising that security is crucial in every aspect of technology. He has shared his experiences through podcasts and talk shows, aiming to educate others about the importance of cybersecurity.

In addition to his freelance work, Frank has been actively involved in building hackerspaces and hackersguilds, fostering communities where knowledge can be shared and skills can be developed.

  • Build your own hackersguild!
  • Malware analysis 101
  • How to (try to) rebuild your hackerspace after a disaster
Walter Belgers

Walter is a long term ethical hacker, both in his professional and private life. He hacks physical locks (he was president of The Open Organisation of Lockpickers and authored the book Locksport), hardware (Gigatron microcomputer) and software (he was co-owner of a penetration testing company). When he's not hacking, he likes to read, sail, and drive in rally cars in Finland.

  • Hacking your Dreams
  • AMA "Locksport; A Hacker’s Guide to Lockpicking, Impressioning, and Safe Cracking"
Ward De Ridder
  • Ham Radio for hackers
Wire (Erik Dekkers)

ik heb zelf een gastric bypass ondergaan. ik wil mijn kennis hier over delen en misschien overweegt iemand anders hier door ook een bypass . na afwegen van de voor en na delen en de risico's.

  • Een Gastric bypass meer als een maagverkleining
Ze Foxx
  • DJ Introduction workshop
  • DJ Ze Foxx
  • DJ Introduction workshop
  • DJ Ze Foxx

Hoi! Ik ben [M]ichiel, aangenaam! In mijn vrije tijd, ... vrije tijd? Dat heb ik bijna niet, altijd bezig!

Ik houdt mijzelf bezig als ondernemer en help bedrijven met elektrische vraagstukken of audio gerelateerde zaken. Mijn kennis over accutechnologie heb ik tijdens mijn bachelor in 2 jaar tijd op hoger niveau gebracht, waarmee ik nu mijn klanten adviseer.

Mijn persoonlijkheid: Technisch, technisch, actief, sarcasme, nieuwsgierig, beetje humor aangevuld met moraliteit.

  • EOS/Thuisbatterij techtalk