Experiment driven lockpicking
02-12, 11:00–12:00 (Europe/Amsterdam), Rembrandt

Lockpicking is the art of manipulating a lock open without damage to the mechanism. We use the sound and feel to gain insight to help us defeat the system. The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers (Toool) has been teaching the skill for several decades. This talk, however, won't be your standard lockpicking talk as the methods are highly experimental and some of them (barely) work. It will be an insight in advanced lock technology, and the unique attempts to defeat them.

.Jan-Willem Markus (@jwrm22) is an security analyst and trainer focused on defeating chips security with fault injection and sharing the knowledge. In his spare time he is the secretary of the The Open Organisation of Lockpickers (Toool.nl) where he organizes bi-weekly lockpicking meetups in Amsterdam. When time allows, he spends time on researching, collecting, and defeating mechanical security systems (i.e. locks, safes, and more).

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