How (not) to Professionalise Hacker Creativity. Help us design DIVD 3.0
02-12, 15:00–16:00 (Europe/Amsterdam), Willem van Oranje

Ten years ago the Dutch government first recognized Responsible Disclosure: you can hack as long as you do it for the common good and stick to some guidelines. In 2019 the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure was founded to give these helpful hackers a foundation to work safely with a common identity, Code of Conduct and have fun. (DIVD 1.0) Ever since, we scan the whole internet for vulnerabilities and report them to the ones who can fix them and do it for free.

In 2022 the institute has grown immensely in numbers, impact, funding and recognition. So, we hired staff, got an office, built our own IT and administration and formalized processes (DIVD 2.0). In order to make our mission sustainable, we need to professionalize vulnerability disclosure even more.

On September 26th 2022 the Dutch parliament voted to support hacker collectives. DIVD welcomes the offer, but how to proceed while keeping the most important thing it all started with: the hacker mindset and creativity? Help us design DIVD 3.0

Director DIVD